Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Latest in Red Paint

In a rare burst of brilliance (according to Aunt Lesley), I suggested to Dad that we "tie" the red in the living room into the kitchen. Here's the result. I think he did a great job! Plus he discovered that the water line to the fridge was starting to leak, so that got fixed as well. A blessing in disguise! We're going to put lights under the cabinets as it is now a little dark. Any good suggestions for lights?

We hope to get to the other walls and hallways over Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. Anyone want to come help?

Oh, and Craig? The FrogTape worked perfectly!


marlaquin said...

Your counters are looking waaaaaaaaaay too clean. Time for a Chandler visit.

bestgrandkidsever said...


Royal and Susan said...

Like it! Lesley was right!