Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mom is a super-star!

Mom won't brag publicly but received the following email today:

Dear Michele,

You are one of the top 100 arbitrators for the US 1920 Federal Census Familysearch indexing project!

Because of you, over 70,000,000+ records have been completed for the 1920 Census project. We truly want to thank you for your contribution. We have seen a great amount of effort put towards arbitration the last 2 months and want to especially thank our super-stars.

Thank you for helping us save the records of our past.


FamilySearch Indexing

You can learn more, or join in the effort at the following link:

Also, please no comments along the lines of "Being in a wheelchair makes you my hero!" or "The neck breaking was all worth it!"

Mom, you are awesome. We all admire you!

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Royal and Susan said...

Congratulations, Michele. You are a "super-star" to us, too.