Friday, December 25, 2009

Conversations had while we made gingerbread houses yesterday:

Olivia:  Mom, are we redheads?
Me:  Nope.
Olivia:  Then why did we have furniture in our yard?
Me:  Do you mean rednecks?
Olivia:  Oh, yeah!  Are we rednecks?
Me:  Yep.

Me:  Jesse, Jamison has a new baby at his house!
Jesse:  I know!  It's his dog!
Me:  What?  No, a real baby!
Jesse:  Yeah, he has a baby dog!
Me:  Ok, but his mommy had a baby, too.
Jesse:  His mom had a dog?
Me:  Uh, no, she had a baby human.
Jesse:  Do they have to get rid of yat dog?
Me:  What??  No . . . now Jamison has a dog AND a baby!
Jesse:  Oh!  Yat is cool!

And finally, I found this typed up on the computer the other day:

on   deesebr         25    wus    crismis        my    favorite          holuday   uv    the       yeer       not     be     cus   uv     the      presins        amd   stuth       becus     it      reminds   my         uv hevnlee/fothr   and   geesis/crst   and      I   olsoe        fl    the    speerit   on   deesebr   25

Merry Christmas!