Saturday, December 26, 2009

Does this mean "Chicken Livvers" is out too?

Me: Livvy, you look sad. What's the matter?
Olivia (woefully): I'm the only one in our family with a food nickname.
Me: Uh, what?
Olivia: I'm the only one with a food nickname. It makes me feel like everyone wants to eat me!
Me: Um . . . what do you mean honey?
Olivia (now in tears): I don't like it when you call me (sob) Liver and Oniooooooooons!!!! It makes me (sob) feel like you're going to eat meeeeeeee!
Me (holding my breath so I don't laugh): . . . . .
Jaci: Hey Livvy, don't worry! Nobody here even LIKES liver and onions!
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marlaquin said...

OLIVIA! I cannot wait to see her as a teenager.