Friday, March 19, 2010

The Best Surprise Ever

All those sneaky traits we questioned in our kids while raising them resulted in the biggest surprise ever pulled off to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Last Thursday night Jerilyn and Trina dropped by for a visit and stayed later and later and later. I got worried as it got later because it was a school night and Dad and I are usually in bed by 10:30, but the girls told me he was working on lessons. About 11:00 I heard the back door open and thought it was Brett, who usually comes over when he sees a sibling's car in the driveway. The next thing I knew, Marla walked into the office, followed be her family. "So," I thought, "that's why the girls were here, waiting for Marla to show up for a surprise visit." Everyone played along until Friday afternoon when the door opened again and in walked Talmage! Then I knew something was up, confirmed further when a long distance call came which Brett took and then looked at Craig and said, "Saddle up!" The Hassell men love nothing better than a rescue and this time it was Zach who had hit a patch of ice and snow on Dead Indian. By Saturday afternoon, everyone was here but Addison. All the meals and sleeping arrangements had been planned and we hadn't suspected a thing! It was a wonderful few days and we were so touched by the effort everyone had made to be here, especially the pregnant daughters-in-law! Thank you so much for honoring and loving your parents in such a memorable way. (Sorry the photos are in reverse order. They are from Zach and Craig. More photos welcome!)

Sami and Bonnie--their great grandma and Aunt Ruthie would be so proud!

Talmage and Jane enjoying the Far Side.

Artists at work.

Sunday afternoon Red Rover.

LaRee, Aubrey and Gillian ready for the Stake '80's Dance.

Saturday night adult dinner (while 27 kids hung out at Brett and Jackie's home).

Saturday afternoon--proving they're rednecks at the Bounds' ranch.

Look who was sneaking across the desert!

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Jerilyn said...

I love how Sami's hair says "I'm a cute girl!" and Bonnie's hair says "I'm a hobo!"