Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandma

One of the most important things Grandma taught me was, in words she learned from her mother-in-law, "Someone else can always take care of your children, but no one else should take care of your husband." Share a favorite memory.


Trina said...

Just one?

A year or two before we moved to Ashland, I was at an all-day event at SOSC, and called Grandma to see about having lunch with her. She (or maybe Grandpa) came to pick me up and brought me back to their house, where I got to have Grandma's homemade bread, canned peaches, and soup for lunch with Grandma and Grandpa.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

PaulaJean said...

Trina's right, it's hard to think of just one.

When I was in LDS hospital after the big accident, I was very uncomfortable one night, even after major pain meds, and couldn't sleep. To add to the dilemma, I hurt in so many places that I couldn't tell where a specific pain was coming from. Grandma, who stayed with me 24/7 except for Carolyn's funeral, sized up the situation, thought for awhile, and gave me a dose of her ever-handy Maalox (without consulting the nurses.)

The pain went away, I went to sleep, and she told the doctor what she had done the next morning. He confirmed that I had developed a stress ulcer, and, yes, Grandma had done the right thing.

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Big Momma said...

When I had my learner's permit, Mom let me do a lot of driving. One day, as we pulled out into the intersection by the Arctic Circle drive-in, I very casually waved at some friends who happened to be there... and then drove right over the median strip. Mom still giggled about that trip, 35 years later.

She taught me to laugh at myself when I make a mistake.

I get to laugh a lot.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Craig Hassell said...

I stayed with Grandpa and Grandma when while I helped build their addition back in 2002. In the evenings we would sit and read and they would tell me stories. Grandma told me how Dad got picked on by a cousin (his name was Randy, I think) when he was a kid, but wouldn't fight back. So she pulled Dad aside one day and told him she's give him five bucks if he'd "clean Randy's plow". So with Grandma's permission, Dad earned five bucks. Rock on, Grandma!

Feel free to correct my account, but that's what I remember. Great woman.