Thursday, April 22, 2010

Look what I found at a yard sale!!

The lady selling it said it was her grandma's, and that her grandma was very religious and SO not the type to have a naked lady oil lamp in her house. (And then I asked her if we were related.)

I bought it for $4, picked it up, and then turned around and ran straight into a 14yo boy from our ward. Such timing.

Jerilyn volunteered to be the keeper of the lamp, since my kids are completely weirded out by it (hence the photoshopping) and Brett volunteered to get it ready for her.

Did anyone else ever get brave enough to touch a wire, and then break out into a cold sweat when the oil stopped running down that wire?
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bestgrandkidsever said...

That they actually made two of those is somewhat amazing. Maybe one of you kids can take it to Antiques roadshow in a few years!

Craig Hassell said...

I DID touch the wire...must be a Hassell thing. Lois said she wants to see it in action (and naked), and so do I.