Sunday, June 27, 2010

30 Things You (maybe) Didn't Know About Aunt Patrice

  1. Aunt Patrice actually goes by Patty to the rest of the world.  Only family members call her Patrice (also, Tricie).
  2. Patty and her twin brother, Bub (John) are 361 days younger than Mom.
  3. Her past employment has included:  Secretary for Allstate Insurance, gymnastics coach, clerk at Bi-Mart (5 years), traveling sales (3 years - toys for Bi-Mart), clerk at Payless (10 years), owner of Roseburg Java Company (sandwiches & espresso), established an espresso shop at a gym, Señor Sam's (where she married the handsome boss!), and now she & Luis own the Elmer's Restaurant in Corvallis.
  4. Patty was a prizewinning bodybuilder! (She says she's a bodydonator now. HA!)  She competed in Oregon and Washington and has 5 first-place trophies, 4 second-place trophies, and 2nd, 3rd, and 5th-place trophies in a team couples competition.
  5. Patty met Luis when she went to Señor Sam's with a friend right after a bodybuilding competition.  She had no idea how hungry she was until she heard a voice say, "Gee, ma'am . . . would you like another bowl?"  She realized had scarfed down the entire bowl, and her friend had barely taken a bite.  She looked up to see where the voice came from, and saw Luis!  Then she decided she would NEVER go back to that restaurant because she was so embarrassed!
  6. She eventually did go back, and she & Luis have been married for 12 years.
  7. Patty learned sign language in college, and was one of the top 3 graduates in her class, and was put on the list to interpret for the police department, but never got a call to interpret.
  8. Patty was a gymnast in high school and college.
  9. Patty got to meet Caesar Millan, the dog whisperer!
  10. Patty loves animals and had an African Grey, a parrot that could say over 300 words.
  11. Patty's favorite food is sushi, but she didn't know she loved it until Luis introduced her to it, and she was hooked from the first bite.
  12. Patty's dream vacation is Mexico - and she's been seven times!
  13. Patty was visiting right before I (Trina) took a trip to Mexico, and told me I was too white to visit, but offered me some of her spray tan, which looked awesome on Patty.  Turns out a spray tan tooks awesome when applied over a real tan base, but a little orange when applied onto pasty white skin!  (It made me laugh then and it still does.)
  14. Patty taught her nephews how to use nunchucks.
  15. Patty is a black belt in tae-kwon-doe.
  16. Patty also owns a concealed weapons permit (do not mess with Patty).
  17. Patty was in a bank when it got robbed!  She was making a large deposit for her restaurant when she noticed a man pull a gun at the other end of the row of tellers.  Her first thought was, "I do NOT have time to be a hostage today!"  Patty notified her teller, who disappeared under the counter to hit the panic button.  THEN, while the robber was distracted, Patty led the rest of the customers to a safe hiding place, and then out of the bank!  WOW!  (The police got the guy.)
  18. Patty also prevented a robbery of her Java store, by intimidating and throwing out a dumb criminal with a knife.  
  19. Seriously, do not mess with Patty!
  20. Patty is a nondenominational Christian and was baptized in the River Jordan in Israel 10 years ago!
  21. Patty has been to Mexico, Hawaii, Israel, Scotland, Costa Rica and England.  Also, straight into our hearts.
  22. When Patty was in Scotland, she ate haggis (stuffed sheep intestines) and blood pudding (which really is just fried cow's blood).  But she choked those down.  It's menudo (cow stomach) that she just can't conquer.
  23. Patty's most embarrassing moment was when she went to use the restroom in a recently renovated Pizza Parlor, and some MEN came into the women's room!  Except it turns out, it wasn't the women's room.  HAHAHAHA!!  (They never saw Patty - she was dying of embarrassment in the stall.)
  24. Patty's bucket list includes owning a horse she's not scared of.
  25. Patty still doesn't own a horse, but she's been riding them for 2-1/2 years, and she's not afraid of them anymore, despite the fact that she fell off one and cracked her ribs.
  26. Patty is currently working with a black horse (who has a white shield on his forehead) named Winston, who is stud colt, which is a rare opportunity that requires a thorough understanding of a horse's nature.
  27. Patty once had surgery to remove a tumor on her pituitary gland.  The surgeon went in through Patty's nose, and had to use a drill at one point (something he had never done before).
  28. Patty's favorite TV shows are Grey's Anatomy (She hasn't seen McDreamy or McSteamy's OHSU equivelants yet, but she's pegged everyone else.  She says her own doctor was OHSU's Dr. Grey), CSI (all versions), Mantracker, and Touched by an Angel.
  29. If Patty could have lunch with any person (dead or alive, real or fiction), she would choose Whoopi Goldberg.
  30. Even considering all of her adventures and accomplishments, Patty says that donating a kidney to her sister is hands-down the crowning achievement of her life.

Thanks, Aunt Patrice, for your gift.  We all love you more than we can say!

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Kim said...

What a cool, multitalented lady! Now part of that coolness exists in Michele, making her even cooler than before! The ultimate in talent and coolness!