Tuesday, June 22, 2010

As long as we're all sitting & waiting . . .

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Kim said...

lol; Thanks for the comic relief (this and earlier) - glad to see you can still find a little fun! I'm happy things seem to be going well. Keep up the good cheer leading!

KERRY said...

Hey hello up there! Someone has just shown me how to make a comment and get a google account. I am completely computer illiterate so it is like Christmas morning to me. We are following closely and have been so grateful and delighted to be able to keep in touch this way. You have an amazing family and, boy, you are a wildly funny bunch. We have decicded to ask if we could be adopted by your family one day!
We are amazed at their quick progress. What a process these two sisters are going through. Thank thank you so much for letting us keep in touch with Michelle.
We are so enjoying the blog and are very entertained. What a creative and funny group you are.
Michell... I continue to be amazed and inspired by you as a mother, wife, grandmother, and as a faithful godly person. YOU TOTALLY ROCK GIRL! Wow you did it and are doing it. Good job on the air bed by the way!