Friday, June 25, 2010

Aunt Patrice is extending her stay with us while they continue to treat her infection and work for some release-worthy milestones. We love her company, but wish with all our hearts that she felt better.

Jerilyn's theory is that Benny misses Bruce. We figure Bruce is rolling his eyes at Dumb & Dumber, who are probably laying around with their feet up and tossing back potato chips and (root)beers.

Mom spent nearly 2 hours in her wheelchair today. Yesterday's transfer to the chair was a little wild, so we Hasselled it up today and developed our own equipment. We'll let you know what it is when the patent comes through.

Luis, Bub and Jerilyn have all left (Luis will be back tomorrow), and things are quiet around here. Jackie sent up a Clive Cussler for Dad, so he's one happy camper. Mom is looking forward to a "Lark Rise to Candleford" fix tonight.

Luis & Bub looking for the card. (Shhh - it's on the balloon!)

Ok, just kidding. They were looking for care instructions.

More visitors! Mom & Patrice's sister, Kerry, and niece Stephanie!

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