Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day three!

Aunt Patrice is feeling much, much better this morning! We are so grateful! They're even talking about discharging her today.

Both Patrice and Mom had their incisions uncovered today. Mom's is about 8 inches, and Patrice's is about 3 inches (with a couple of laparascopics - thanks for nothing, spellcheck - on the side).

We're expecting several teaching visits during the days, but visitors are welcome (you might have better luck in the evening).

Check out the snuggie!

Mom's snuggie (can you tell which sister is better friends with the camera?)

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Kim said...

I'm glad Patrice is feeling better! She deserves all the best! And thanks for the fascinating photo foray into the past - and tell Michele she's very photogenic and should get to know the camera a little better (maybe go out together for ice cream or something...)