Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Email from Marla

Hi Mom,

If you're recovery is really anything like a c-section, here are some words of advice. There is no room for nice in pain management. That means when the nurse asks you what your pain number is (0-10), you say, sadly weeping, "at least a 15". And then she had better bring on plenty of Percoset. And if she doesn't then you go all Marla, Jerilyn or Trina (when her morals have been challenged) and grab her arm and say BRING THE PERCOSET. And don't worry about getting addicted. 

Just try and stay on top of the pain, and that's the best healing of all.

And moving, though it hurts like a grumpy Ezra, is the best medicine of all.

I love you so much! I am proud of how brave you are, and how much you are fighting to live. 


From Jane: Get well soon! I love you.
From Cat: I love you to the moon and back! (Then she runs around and yells it so much she gets in trouble).
From Kevin: Dear Grandma, guess what, Ezra is waving at you and he needs a diaper change. We love you and pray for you. Good luck!


Zachary Pierre said...

Never had a C-section, but I've popped my share of pain killers (with & without prescription (emoticon)) and I have to agree with Margles.

Trina said...

Zach, Mom says to send you major (((hugs))). :) <3 <3