Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good morning!

Mom's labs have been excellent all night.  The numbers that have crept up and up over the last three years are dropping like rocks overnight - one of them is even ahead of expectations.  I might have an optimistic imagination, but if I had to guess, I would say her skin color is improved over yesterday too.   She's also keeping a very comfortable temperature, which is icing on the cake!  Both sisters are feeling incredibly grateful that everything is going well.  Mom & Patrice make good roomies . . . many fun and sweet conversations!

Patrice is napping now, and Mom is listening to General Conference talks on an iPod loaned to her by her very generous grandson, to whom she is grateful.

Patrice, being a genius, gave Mom a snuggie!  It's perfect!  Jerilyn wants to know why we didn't give her one of those years ago, and why in the world we didn't invent them in the first place?

My siblings, being exceptionally smart as well, are sprinkling my inbox with funny, funny emails for Mom that I'll be sharing with her as soon as she's done being spiritual.

Mom is on an air bed (to prevent pressure-related problems) that keeps a steady hum & hiss, but I think the white noise is great for drowning out the hospital bustle.  It also allows hospital staff to sneak in and out without disturbing the patients when possible.

If you're in the area and wondering if visits are welcome, feel free to drop by.  These women are a hoot.

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