Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Immediately following the previous post:

Mom, to Trina and Jerilyn:  For the love, you two.

Jerilyn:  What?  A lot of people have said this is the funniest kidney transplant they've ever followed.

Mom:  A lot of people?  Like you and Trina?

Uncle Bub:  I'm afraid of what would happen if Marla showed up.


KATHY said...

I finally figured out how to blog. My first time.

You guys are having entirely too much fun! Bill, Kris and I had an awesome time of prayer for both sisters - Bruce too- the morning of the surgery. So grateful that you are doing well!

Zachary Pierre said...

Marla's absence was requested by hospital staff and Bruce.

PaulaJean said...

It IS the funniest kidney transplant I've ever followed. Not that I follow a lot of kidney transplants. . . .But then again, it's a Hassell kidney transplant!