Monday, June 21, 2010

Kidney Swap Eve

First things first:  If you want to follow the Twitter version of the transplant, check the sidebar of the blog, or  There will be wisecracks.  Updates will be posted here on the blog as well, but perhaps with less wit.

Mom & Patrice and company report to the hospital very early tomorrow morning.  Patrice will go in first, and her surgery should take about an hour.  Mom follows, and will be 3-6 hours in surgery.  Thanks to all who are praying and/or fasting on their behalf.  It means so much.

Jerilyn has named the kidney Bruce, in reference to a song our parents taught us many, many years ago about working in the sewer.  (What?  You're so surprised?)  They learned it from a tour guide when they visited the Holy Lands.  (Ok, that might be a little bit of a surprise.)

Verse 2:
I works in the sewer with a guy named Bruce
And we are in charge of all of the juice
He lets me go first, while he holds the lid
I'm telling you, what a sweet kid(ney)

(Get it?  He's in charge of the juice?  Works in sanitation?  Jerilyn is funny!)

Aunt Patrice informs us that the other kidney is Benny, and that there's a joke in there somewhere about Bruce getting ready to go on a mission.  Just so we're clear here, we think our Aunt Patrice and Uncle Luis (wait.  I just figured out why she goes by "Patty" now) are amazing, and we love them dearly.

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