Saturday, June 26, 2010

On the Move

Mom finally got to visit Patrice's side of the room:

Patrice is a woman on a mission:

Mom got to go for a (st)roll!

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jetje said...

Hey Michele,

As you can tell by the time of this post, it's one of those sleepless nights that all of us lucky women get to experience way too many times. Dead tired but can't sleep! Go figure....

It's so wonderful how well you are doing. But you are getting the best medicine in the world with your daughters at your side; lots of laughter!!! It's great that they are there to cheer you on. And thanks to them, we are being kept up to date on your progress as well.

You have been blessed with angels in your life and your sister Patrice certainly is one of them. I hope and pray she will feel better soon and that Heavenly Father will bless both of you with full and speedy recoveries.

My love to you and your family.

Julie Gregg

The Skillmans said...

I love these photos. Makes me SMILE. Hope you both keep feeling better and better every day!