Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We don't know if it's due to high patient population or what, but Mom & Patrice are sharing a room tonight! Both are comfortable and happy, and Mom is feeling a whole lot better than any of us had dared to hope. Mom's labs came back, and Bruce is performing impressively, which is fantastic news, and is making Aunt Patrice awfully proud.

Allow me to say one more time how much we love Aunt Patrice, and how grateful we are. I wish you could all see how freely and willingly she is giving this gift, and how much she has done for Mom in such thoughtful ways.

We shared the waiting room with several families today, but only one other family that was there from dawn until dusk like us. They were delightful people who put up with all of our (ok, ok, Jerilyn's and my) shenaigans, and because they own a local Krispy Kreme, they even offered to bring us breakfast tomorrow! In return, we gave them copious reasons why they should open a KK in Medford. They were very, very nice people to spend a long day with.

On to the pictures:

Uncle Luis, Aunt Colleen, Laura, Jerilyn, Uncle Bub, & Dad, happy to have good news all around.

The breathing thingy - used to encourage big, big breaths to clear out all of the anesthetic. The nurse delcared that Mom had beat Aunt Patrice on the thingy, and you should have seen how fast Aunt Patrice snapped up her thingy to reclaim her title.

"Team Bruce" apparel is in surprisingly high demand! Who knew?

Aunt Colleen and Uncle Bub (John)

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John Stewart said...

What a lovely family --- Your postings are so very heart warming. We are grateful for the continued updates. We loved the theme song "love the one your with" .... what a hoot.

Please know we are praying for you and look forward to seeing your skin glow in your numerous future photo shoots.

With Love, John and Leisa Stewart