Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tender Mercies

None of us can believe how great Mom is feeling. She was told that she would feel much better after the surgery, but she had no idea how much better! She tells us this is the best she has felt in about three years! She's looking fantastic, too.

As I understand it, kidney function is measured in large part by the amount of creatinine in the blood. A normal test result would be something like 0.6 to 1.1, and a result of 5.0 or more means it's time for dialysis. Mom's doctor was anxious to do her transplant before dialysis became necessary, in order to operate on as healthy a patient as possible. Last fall, it became clear that time was getting short, but a summer transplant was going to be worlds easier on all involved, so prayers for prolonged health went up in earnest. Obviously, they were answered.

A kidney match is measured by eight blood markers. A donor needs to match as many markers as possible, and more markers means a longer life for the new kidney. A typical match is 4-6 markers. Aunt Patrice matches all 8 markers, which is almost unheard of.

To give you an idea of what a stellar kidney Patrice grew for Mom (and keeping in mind that creatinine should be below 1.1, and 5.0 means big trouble), Mom's creatinine was 4.75 on Monday. After a transplant, doctors like to see a drop of a point per day. Bruce dropped Mom's creatinine by 3.5 points in 40 hours.

It's also rare for a donor and recipient to share a hospital room, but it has been such a delight for Mom and Patrice to be together and share laughs and talks and tears and family. It's been like a family reunion with IV poles! They have both expressed their gratitude for one another over and over.

We've had a lot of giggles as we share this experience, and don't expect us to stop acting like Hassells anytime soon, but as a family, we also want to share our enormous gratitude for the divine hands that have undeniably guided this experience.
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PaulaJean said...

It is wonderful when the Lord's vision and our desires match up and prayer gets answered the way we want it to be!

Kim said...

Hurray! Go Team Bruce! And thanks to and prayers for Aunt Patrice. May her recovery be as miraculous as the rest of project Bruce!

Kim said...

And great pictures, Michele - glad to see that you and Camera have made peace with each other!