Thursday, July 8, 2010

We stopped in Portland & Corvallis last weekend & got to see Mom & Dad and Patrice & Luis!

I only took one picture of Mom, which is maybe my favorite ever, but I'll let her blog it if she wants (feel free to put some pressure on her in the comments).

Aunt Patrice's "Bruce Memorial." (Hee hee!) All of Jerilyn & Grace's awesome gifts, and a few other mementos (did I spell that right?):

Aunt Patrice has been learning all of the grandkid's names and who they belong to, and I'm guessing she could beat a few uncles at it.

Thanks for letting us stop by! We loved it!
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Lois said...

Was it the 'silly glasses' photo?
That's our very favorite picture ever! We LOVE it! Who can resist loving a grandma / mother-in-law like that?!

Trina said...

That's the one! Talmage has some serious skills!