Monday, August 9, 2010

In Addition to the Email (in case you didn't get it)

Craig called a few days ago to ask what to pack for our days at the camp and I thought the rest of you might want to know also. Trina and I put our heads together and came up with this list:

Suggestions for items to bring to camp that you might not normally pack for vacation:

sleeping bags
sleeping pads
extra blankets
bug spray
small first aid kit
bath/swimming towel
swim suit
water shoes (especially if you are going to wade in the shallow water)
flip-flops for showers
jackets for cool weather
board games for evenings
cabin windows don't have curtains - bring sheets and thumbtacks if that bothers you
a rope and blanket make a private area for changing if you are sharing a cabin
rope to hang outside and clothespins for wet clothes
camp chairs (the firepit benches aren't super comfy for adults)
something legal(ish) with which to start a campfire
hiking gear, if you're attempting McLoughlin
EYES with which to admire Glen's marvelous Eagle Project benches
Anything we've forgotten?


Zachary Pierre said...

Pshhh. What kind of Eagle Scout needs to be told by his mother what to bring on a campout?

bestgrandkidsever said...

I was assuming the moms were doing the packing and besides it was an Eagle Scout who originally asked the question!

Zachary Pierre said...

I know, I was referring to Craig asking the question. I was just kidding.

bestgrandkidsever said...

I know, I "got" it as I pushes "Publish...." Stop toying with us generic types! :)