Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Me: Hey Olivia, I didn't know you could burp the alphabet.

O: Um . . . who told you that?

Me: Hmm . . . why don't you try to guess?

O: Sister Schmidt?

Me: No.

O: Sister Phillipson?

Me: No.

O: Sister Walker?

Me: No.

O: Oh, right. Dad.

Me: Try again.

O: Sister Pedersen?

Me: No. So, exactly who all have you been burping the alphabet for?

O: . . . . .

O: Uh, I have short-term memory loss.

And then, like any other mother would do, I asked for a demo.

She really can.

(I stopped her at D.)

Maybe it's time to start piano lessons.


bestgrandkidsever said...

ROFLOL--literally! This is one of those things you shouldn't encourage or laugh at, but who has that kind of will power?

Zachary Pierre said...

That's quite the accomplishment. At least ONE of her parents will be proud.

Lois said...

I hope we didn't get her in trouble! My kids were seriously impressed and still talking about and trying...

Trina said...

No trouble, just a little discussion about when to keep that to herself. I just hope you don't mind that she inspired your kids to pursue said talent!